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Too Claustrophobic for CPAP Therapy? 3 Non-Surgical Alternatives for Sleep Apnoea

If your family complains that you sound like you’re sawing logs when you’re asleep at night, there is a good chance you are a sufferer of sleep apnoea. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with this sleeping disorder, you are far from alone; sleep apnoea is a common medical condition that can be dangerous if left untreated, leading […]

Questions You Might Have about Bulk-Billing Doctors

Bulk billing refers to a system in Australia through which doctors and healthcare workers directly bill Medicare for their services, and the payment they receive from Medicare is considered their full payment. The patient doesn’t need to pay any additional fees for the services received and doesn’t need to wait to get reimbursed from Medicare […]

Make Sure You Know the Signs of Gallstones

The gallbladder is a small organ positioned in the right section of your abdomen, just under the liver. It is responsible for storing the bile that is used to break down the fat in your food, but it can also cause abdominal pain and other symptoms when gallstones develop. These are tiny hardened deposits, and […]

Sidelined: How Physiotherapy Can Help Cricketers Recover From Oblique Strains

Though cricket may appear to be a genial, physically undemanding sport to the initiated, any cricketer of experience will agree that the sport can have a surprisingly damaging effect on the body — unnatural twisting and swinging motions, sudden bursts of acceleration when running or catching, and even catching an occasional ball in the teeth […]

How to Cope With Idiopathic Angioedema

Angioedema is a swelling of certain parts of the body, usually the lips and around the eyes, as a way of fighting off alien germs. Allergic angioedema is usually brought on by consuming certain foods such as shellfish or dairy, by using certain kinds of medication, or as a response to an insect bite. There […]

5 Ways to Prevent Back Pain in the Office

In the grand expanse of human history, sitting for eight hours a day in an office chair is a very new thing. In decades and centuries past, most people worked in agriculture and were constantly on the move. This new method of working is putting stresses on the body that haven’t been experienced before, and […]